Did you know Iceland has 13 glaciers?  Seriously, there are that many to explore!


  1. Vatnajökull
  2. Langjökull
  3. Hofsjökull
  4. Mýrdalsjökull
  5. Drangajökull
  6. Eyjafjallajökull
  7. Tungnafellsjökull
  8. Þórisjökull
  9. Eiríksjökull
  10. Þrándarjökull
  11. Tindfjallajökull
  12. Torfajökull
  13. Snæfellsjökull


…and the best part is that within those glaciers there are Ice Caves!  Wouldn’t you like to spend a day on the hunt for ice caves?  We’d love to take you to our super-secret spots and help you safely explore them!

The glaciers are constantly changing and so are the routes to the base so it is very important to hire someone who knows the glacier area well and is out on them every day (like we are).  No joke folks, ever hear of glacier quick sand?  It’s a real thing and our team is aware of the signs and ensure you always have safe routes to and from the glaciers.  Once near the glacier, we equip you with the right gear and pave the way for you to safely go near and/or inside the ice caves.

Let yourself be marveled by the textures and tones of the subglacial volcano that lurks beneath!  You’ll notice the mesh of colors go from being black (mix of black sand and ask) to icy white to the unforgettable blue!  Along the way of the tour, our team will entertain with you with the rich Icelandic folklore stories that also accompany the glacier areas.  Please contact us for more information on booking an impressive Ice Cave Glacier Tour!

Your Adventure Awaits You,

Guðjon + Katlatrack Team