Super Jeep Tours in Iceland

Super Jeep Tours in Iceland

Super Jeep Tours in Iceland | Katlatrack 

Super Jeeps rule the road here in Iceland.  When you see one pass by, you look.  In fact, everyone looks!  They are so badass to adventure around in.  But for our Katlatrack team, our super jeep tours in Iceland are raw, real and local.  We don’t ever stay on the main road and go to tourist locations in them.  Rather, we’d like to introduce you to the offbeat sides of Iceland! 

Why a Super Jeep is the ONLY way to Experience Iceland

Chances are you’ve stumbled upon this Iceland Super Jeep Tours post because you’ve been here before and or you were seeking something different.  With how popular Iceland has become in the Instagram world, it wouldn’t surprise us if a lot of your friends and family have visited Iceland already.  So maybe for your visit to Iceland, you were looking for to really talk about and I dare to say even “one-up them!”  You’ve come to the right place… Planning an Iceland 4×4 tour with our super jeep team will do it! 

The only way to experience the pure, untouched, wild side of Iceland is to get up and into the Icelandic Highlands.  It’s a rugged area that we believe requires an experienced and professional driver.  Mainly due to the fact that there are numerous glacier river crossings, landslides, and road deterioration (because the roads are not serviced).  Not to mention, it is also best to have a local guide with you to know and understand how the area is changing, like the glacier.  As it can be a dangerous place if you do not have that right knowledge and gear!

Imagine yourself rolling up to our meeting spot in Vik and jumping into one of our badass super jeeps!  No matter the weather or season, our tours go!  And prepping before you come can be key to a super jeep tour in the highlands, so make sure you head back to our What to Pack for your Vik Iceland Super Jeep Tour!  From the moment we turn off of Route 1 and venture into the highlands the energy is high!  That’s just it, a ride in the super jeep on private roads, tracks, and F-roads is a mind blowing 5 senses EXPERIENCE!  

What to look for when choosing a Super Jeep Tour Operator

Choosing a Super Jeep Tour operator in Iceland can be tricky as there are several websites that are booking agents only.  And although that is a fantastic way to book many aspects of your trip, you may find booking directly with an Iceland super jeep team is better suited for you to ask questions, etc.  When researching between South Iceland super jeep tour companies, here are several aspects you want to make sure you know before booking:

  • Solid Reviews on a third party website (like Trip Advisor or Google). And look at the lowest ones.
  • Professional trucks (are they rust buckets?) and gear (as needed like crampons, helmets, headlamps, etc).
  • Locals operating the tours.
  • Licensed and experienced drivers with navigation systems.
  • Size of the groups.
  • What they say to wear and pack during the Iceland super jeep tour.
  • The experience (compare what they put on their website to the previous reviews).

Take a Super Jeep Tour with Katlatrack:

There are so many textures and tones throughout the Icelandic landscape.  What type catches your attention the most?  For example, if you’re hoping to visit an ice cave during any season in Iceland, we offer our regularly scheduled Katla Ice Cave Tour via our super jeeps.  If ice caves aren’t your thing, we have an incredibly unique Hidden Mountains super jeep tour you should check out!

And if you find yourself with less time or money, we offer a more budget minded option too called the Fast Track (no frills).  But, booking a super jeep tour in Iceland with our Katlatrack team ensures you will have an unforgettable experience!  So today we would like to share with you 10 reasons why that’ll happen during your Vik super jeep tours with us:

1- Local Experience & Knowledge:

Our driver guides are Icelanders and have been out adventuring and scouting all around the Vik Iceland area from our very first memories as children.  Our tracks were set decades ago with permission from the local landowners, village, and government and we remain up to date on all permissions.  While on one of our custom or open tours, you’ll also delight in hearing local history, geology and folklore stories.

Additionally, our driver guides are experienced in driving the routes for years.  If weather becomes a problem, all of our super jeeps are equipped with GPS systems with the routes saved.  This can be a day saver if conditions become challenging.  Could very well be the difference in getting stuck or not during your super jeep day trip. 

2- Our Team:

Our team are not just “drivers.”  Part of our local experience during our super jeep (4×4) tours is the personality of our guide.  They are passionate about the areas, they are full of local knowledge and their enthusiasm is contagious!  Not to mention they also have all of the proper driving certifications to safely and legally drive you. 

Fun Fact: Part of our training for our Iceland Ice Cave Tour guides is to see how many times they can get stuck in a day (without guests) and how fast they can get unstuck.  Because let’s be honest, if your super driver has never gotten stuck he’s not a real super jeep guy!  You will want someone who is experienced in all types of weather situations, have a plan ready for worst-case scenarios, can navigate through it flawlessly, safely, and keep you calm in the process.

Another defining factor is that more than half of our team is part of the Iceland SAR (Search and Rescue) team.  So how does this benefit you?  Because we always plan ahead and go in with your safety in mind whether it is on the way in the super jeep or at the glacier area. 

Our guides have often been first responders to high pressure / stressful rescue missions involving glacier or mountain rescues when hikers have lost their way or hurt themselves in some way.  They understand how to keep someone calm, stabilize the situation, and react quickly.  And the few guides who are not formally apart of the SAR team are still trained to our company’s high standards in first aid.

Fun Fact: One of our super jeeps is actually one of the old Vik Iceland SAR team trucks!

3-  Offbeat and Unique Locations:

It’s been our mission since 2009, to show travellers to Iceland something more than the usually overcrowded tourist hotspots.  Likewise to also share a side of Iceland that very few will ever experience.  Come see Iceland from a local’s perspective on a super jeep private tour in Vik! 

4- Speaker System:

It’s a priority for us to ensure your super jeep tour experience is enhanced by being able to here our guides tell you about the local area and folklore.  We do this by having all of our super jeeps rigged with mic/speaker systems so you do not miss out during your Iceland adventure tour with us!

5- Reliable and Maintained Trucks:

Our Katlatrack team takes pride in having safe and dependable 4×4 Super Jeeps for you to adventure in.  The fleet is carefully maintained by our guides and/or other professional mechanics that specialize in highland vehicles.  Having a super jeep requires a lot of require maintenance and we never skimp on doing this.  But know, in the rare occasion something does happen, we have plan “b” ready to put into action!

6- Approved Glacier Gear:

It’s important to us that you stay safe.  At the beginning of our super jeep adventure tour in Vik Iceland we provide you with approved glacier gear.  So what does that mean?  It means you’re going to get a helmet, crampons and headlamps that professional mountaineers may have in their gear bags. 

7- Small Groups:

We’re a small company, so we take you on small group tours to keep the experience personal (typically you can expect 2-12 people).  Because come on, who wants to visit an ice cave with 50+ other strangers?!  And if you want an even more of a private experience, check out our custom tours

8- Our Iceland Travel Blog:

Katlatrack Adventure Tours, not only wants to be your number one choice for super jeep tours in Vik Iceland, but we also want to provide you with helpful information on visiting the area.  So rather than blogging about areas outside of Vik Iceland, we remain true to our area.  It’s our mission to go beyond the tour and allow you to learn about the local culture of Vik (Fun Fact: Did you know we are only a village of 300ish people?)!  Check out our previous post on Things to do in Vik! 

9- Katlatrack Reviews:

We are tried and true.  Our business is only run in the Vik Iceland area (we are often referred to as experts in our territory).  You can see for yourself that our team has countless reviews on Trip Advisor and also on Google.

10- The FUN You’re Going to Have:

You’re not going to want leave us!  Between the amazing offbeat areas we are going to share with you, the stories, history, and the vibe our tour just in general has you’re going to want to keep hitting the REWIND button on your adventure!

We dare you to craft your very own adventure full of secret waterfalls, hidden volcanoes, movie locations and more… Or let our team create it for you via a private tour in Iceland!

So ditch the usual hot tourist spots like the national parks and book on of our small group Iceland jeep tours!  See the real Iceland with our local guides. Maybe you’ll visit a dormant volcano, an iconic black sand beach, a stunning waterfall emerging from a glacier and much more.  We’d love to show you our local area of Vik, ice caves, and even build you a custom tour.  Feel free to contact us for more information on getting that adventure started!

Your Adventure Awaits,

– The Katlatrack Super Jeep Team in Vik Iceland

Iceland Private Tours | Book A Custom Tour | Katlatrack

Iceland Private Tours | Book A Custom Tour | Katlatrack

Iceland Private Tours – The Perfect Way to Explore Iceland

Having privacy at sight-seeing locations in Iceland is often rare.  Especially if you are venturing out on your own self-drive Iceland adventures.  You’ll find countless tour buses throughout the most known tourist locations.  All of which can be a major bummer if you’re looking to have a peaceful moment or take a photograph without hundreds of people in them.  But don’t worry, there is another option… Our Katlatrack team based in Vik offers extraordinary Iceland private tours!

Why Book an Iceland Private Tour:

When you choose to do a self-drive itinerary to explore Iceland, you miss a lot.  Mainly because you’re paying attention to driving and not enjoying the incredible scenery!  By booking an Iceland private tour, you and your partner (or family) can enjoy looking out the window with zero stress of driving!  Leave the work to our professional super jeep team!

Plus, by having a private super jeep tour in Iceland, you’ll have the truck to yourselves!  So ask all the questions you want, spread your stuff out, have a snack, put your feet up, or even take a nap between stops all sprawled out!  The luxury super jeep and guide are yours for the day!

Although private tours in Iceland, cost more than a typical “open tour,” they go at YOUR PACE.  So if you want to spend 15 extra minutes discovering a private waterfall, you can!  Our private day tours offer you the flexibility of spending more time at some locations and less at others.

Furthermore, there is something to be said about arriving at an offbeat location within the south coast of Iceland and seeing it all by yourself!  Our local guides are happy to take you to private black sand beaches, ice caves, exclusive waterfalls, unique viewpoints, Game of Thrones filming locations, isolated side of a glacier, secret mountains, canyons the list is endless!

Super Jeeps: The best mode of transport in Iceland:

Your sense of adventure is heightened when you embark on super jeep tours in Iceland.  Frankly, you just feel immediately way more badass to start!  Then the super jeep trucks normally sit high up on 38” to 46” tires towering above just about everyone. 

Furthermore, for the sustainability of the landscape and the smoothness of your ride, the majority of our Katlatrack super jeeps also have deflation systems.  And if they do not, we still deflate before we adventure into the highlands and inflate after!  For instance, by doing this it allows our trucks and local guides to be more capable in extreme snow conditions or rivers.

With our professional driver guides, you will find yourself crossing rivers to get to your epic locations!  Imagine how unforgettable it will be splashing through rivers as you pass by crazily shaped mountains to get to a private waterfall or secret ice cave!  Locations you can only get to by booking an Iceland private tour via super jeep with our Vik Iceland guides!  Super jeeps are seriously the best mode of transport in Iceland!

Types of Iceland Private Tours:

Likely your curiosity is peaked as to what types of Iceland Private Tours we can offer you, right?  Happy to elaborate!  A few ideas to get your mind stirring to follow below:

  • Private Ice Cave Tour – Do you want to several different types of ice caves? We scout weekly so if you’re adventurous enough, we can take you to come amazing ice caves privately!  If you want something less intensive we can also do our Katla Ice Cave as a private tour for you at an additional cost.


  • Ice Climbing at Katla Glacier– A few of our guides are experienced ice climbers and can offer you year-round ice climbing at Katla Glacier. Please contact us for more information.


  • Best of Vik Tour– Our daily tour that allows you to discover the offbeat side of Vik Iceland can also be available privately, please contact us for more information.


  • Hidden Mountains Tour– Are you intrigued by crazy shaped mountains, caves, trolls, and canyons? A private version of our hidden mountains tour may be exciting for you!


  • A Secret Waterfall Hunting Expedition– There are countless waterfalls that are far away from the tourist locations we would love to show you on an Iceland private waterfall tour!


  • Family Friendly Super Jeep Tour- Let us know the ages of children and capabilities of the family and we can put together a private family friendly tour for you in Southern Iceland!


  • Southern Iceland Ghost Tour- Did you know South Iceland is one of the most haunted areas of Iceland? There are countless stories our super jeep team can tell you about.  And places!  Picture yourself exploring a haunted mountain hut and listening to the stories that come along with it!  It’ll intrigue you and send shivers down your spine!


  • Trolls and Folklore Tour in Iceland- Are you fascinated by culture, mystery, and enchanted locations? You may love an Iceland private tour that focuses on trolls, elves, and all of the mysterious folklore Iceland has!


  • Iceland Luxury Adventure Tour- Do you want to experience private landscapes as a VIP and have lunch as an EXPERIENCE?! Imagine having a luxury picnic inside of a private ice cave?!  We can make it happen for you!


  • Craft Your Own Private Super Jeep Tour to exactly what you are interested in seeing and doing. Do you envision yourself visiting a private hot spring, discovering a secluded private black sand beach?  Or exploring private ice caves without the crowds? Contact us for more information!

As Iceland Changes…

With travel to Iceland increasing every single year with no sign of stopping, the country is at a point of over-tourism in numerous areas.  For instance, just to name a few would be the Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon, glacier lagoon, and many of the attractions in the south shore. The majority of those Iceland sightseeing locations have thousands of visitors every day.  More ropes and barriers go up every week to protect the quick deteriorating landscape. 

So as you finalize your Iceland travel plans, why not find your way away from the typical and overpopulated tourist places?  You can do this by booking an offbeat adventure to non-touristy locations throughout Southern Iceland and specifically in Vik via super jeep!  Feel free to contact us for more information on an Iceland Private Tour via super jeep!

Your Adventure Awaits,

– The Katlatrack Super Jeep Team in Vik Iceland

Family Friendly Super Jeep Tours in Vik Iceland

Family Friendly Super Jeep Tours in Vik Iceland

Bringing your family on vacation can be a big but beautiful undertaking, we know from personal experience.  But we also know that it’s so much fun to be able give your children a glimpse into different places and cultures, because those moments in time will stay with them forever.  In choosing Iceland though as your family vacation spot, it adds in the dynamic that is very different than anywhere else in the world mainly because of the weather and adventure options.

All that said, it’s important to book tours that are safe for your children, can accommodate and also cater to your needs throughout the day.  Katlatrack is happy to book a custom / private tour for you and your family, see HERE.

Some of the benefits of booking a custom family friendly Vik Iceland Custom Super Jeep Tour with us follow:


  • We have several sizes of super jeeps to offer your family group. So whether you are bringing your immediate family of 5, or your extended family of 15+ we can accommodate.  Katlatrack has 4×4’s can fit… 5 people, 8 people or 10 people.  Also, note our jeeps can also safely fit any type of car seat you bring from home or your rental car company.
  • It’s only your group! …chat away, plug in your own tunes, and bathroom breaks on your time!
  • An incredible learning experience! We not only educate your family about the landscape, history, and geology but we also tell some fantastic folklore stories along the way!
  • We can offer you a unique lunch experience during your custom family super jeep tour in Iceland… A traditional Icelandic BBQ of hot dogs (with all of the toppings)!
  • Pick your ideal adventure! Do you want to journey to top-secret secret caves? Discover private waterfalls? Adventure through canyons?  Travel to tops of mountains?  Explore exclusive beaches?  Allow us to customize a day for you and your family during your Iceland vacation!

So the next question you’re probably wondering is how to prepare your family for a super jeep adventure in Iceland?  Here are our top 5 list on how:


  1. Pick your Adventure: What and where do you want to explore? Half day or full day?  See our selection of tour types HERE.
  2. Wear warm clothing (dressing in layers is ideal), have/bring wind and rainproof gear, hiking boots.
  3. Talk it up! Have a chat with your kids about the super jeep tour beforehand to get them as excited as possible.  Look at pictures of the places you’ll visit, the super jeep you’ll be riding in, and share how excited you personally are for the tour (Come on, we all know you are)!  A child who is enthusiastic and knows what to expect, is less likely to feel nervous.  …and more likely to have fun on the actual tour day!
  4. Bring a “go bag” that has any of the day trip items you might want / need like the following: extra socks, extra shoes, snacks, water bottle, hot hands, gloves, sunglasses, hat, etc.
  5. Plan “B” items for children under 10 years old… Bringing items like their favorite small toy, an ipod for music, books, or a tablet with the child’s favorite movie/show.


Your Adventure Awaits You,

Guðjon + Katlatrack Team

Super Secret Waterfall Tour in Iceland

Super Secret Waterfall Tour in Iceland

As you have probably figured out from your preliminary research on Iceland, we are not only the land of fire and ice but we are an island that has countless waterfalls (I mean 100’s)!  That said, after you have toured through all the mainstream tourist location waterfalls (IE, Gullfoss, Faxafoss, Oxarafoss, Seljalandsfoss, and Skogafoss Waterfalls) come to Katlatrack for your super-secret waterfall adventure!


Because you’re going to be so sick of seeing 100’s of people at all of the tourist waterfall locations you go to and you’ll need a welcomed break from the chaos.  Plus, there is no better way to discover secret waterfalls than crossing rivers in a super jeep with us! First, you will be in awe of the drive we take into the highlands to get to these waterfalls.  Then you will be marvelled by the tones and textures because they will all look different from a height, girth, and location the reside in!  Just let us know your preference on how long of a walk/hike you are willing to do and we will create a custom adventure tour for you to experience as many of Iceland’s secret waterfalls as possible during our time together!

Please contact us to book your custom Iceland Secret Waterfalls Tour today.

Your Adventure Awaits You,
Guðjon + Katlatrack Team


Custom Caverns and Cave Tour

Custom Caverns and Cave Tour

Did you know our tiny island in the North Atlantic has 100’s of caves throughout the country?  All the caverns and caves you will find here were handmade by the fire and ice that rules the land.  Countless decades of volcano eruptions, lava flows, and glacier melt have formed or uncovered these amazing wonders.  The Icelandic caves come in all types of shapes, sizes, and all sorts of different backgrounds to “wow” you!

Allow us to take you on a custom Super Jeep 4×4 Adventure Tour to experience Iceland’s stunning caverns and caves.  Your eyes will be bewildered, intrigued, and you’ll go home with amazing photos and story’s!  Contact us to book your custom Iceland Cave Tour today.

Your Adventure Awaits You,

Guðjon + Katlatrack Team