With tourism exponentially increasing month by month here in Southern Iceland, it has become pretty clear more people want to explore it!  There are hundreds of company’s you can choose to take you there but today I want to bring to light some important reasons why you should choose a local guide (like us at Katlatrack who is based in Vik Iceland) to adventure with.


1.) Experience. We know the area of Vik like the back of our hands because we were born and raised. Driving amazing people and 4×4 Tour Guiding in Vik Iceland has been in our bloodline for generations (ask us to tell you the story of my great grandfather!).

2.) Safety. The landscape changes, only a locale Vik Iceland Tour Guide is going to know how it’s changing from day to day (You’ve heard of Katla right? She can erupt any day!) and the routes to keep your unique adventure a safe one.  We are professional 4×4 drivers which means the chances of your adventure coming to a halt because of us is slim (we know how to handle easily through snow, ice, dynamic river crossings and extreme up/down hills.

3.) Knowledge. Vik Iceland is our home we know everything about the area. Local guide = Local Knowledge.

4.) History. Want to know when the church on the hill in Vik was built or the history on the first road from west to east (Reykjavik to Kirkjubæjarklaustur)? We have you covered!

5.) Folklore. Ohhhh and we have some GOOD stories to share too! All of the locations in Vik come with a fantastic interesting story! Only a locale Vik tour guide will be able to share them!

6.) Access to Secret Spots!

7.) Personalized day, not cookie cutter! Sure there are larger Tour company’s (that may be cheaper, but remember you get what you pay for!) that say they explore Vik like a local but I promise you they do not offer the level of TLC Katlatrack does. We care about YOU. Your EXPERIENCE. And strive to ensure you walk away completely blown away by this amazing area.

8.) You can ask as many questions as you want! A general big box Tour company isn’t going to allow you to or make you feel comfortable to ask! Ask away with us!

9.) Recommendations! The best place to eat in the area? Local easy walk to do near the hotel or a hot spring nearby… we know them! Ask us for local recommendations, we are happy to provide!

10.) You’re contributing to the life of a local person in the area who has a small business and a growing family!