As you have probably figured out from your preliminary research on Iceland, we are not only the land of fire and ice but we are an island that has countless waterfalls (I mean 100’s)!  That said, after you have toured through all the mainstream tourist location waterfalls (IE, Gullfoss, Faxafoss, Oxarafoss, Seljalandsfoss, and Skogafoss Waterfalls) come to Katlatrack for your super-secret waterfall adventure!


Because you’re going to be so sick of seeing 100’s of people at all of the tourist waterfall locations you go to and you’ll need a welcomed break from the chaos.  Plus, there is no better way to discover secret waterfalls than crossing rivers in a super jeep with us! First, you will be in awe of the drive we take into the highlands to get to these waterfalls.  Then you will be marvelled by the tones and textures because they will all look different from a height, girth, and location the reside in!  Just let us know your preference on how long of a walk/hike you are willing to do and we will create a custom adventure tour for you to experience as many of Iceland’s secret waterfalls as possible during our time together!

Please contact us to book your custom Iceland Secret Waterfalls Tour today.

Your Adventure Awaits You,
Guðjon + Katlatrack Team