Lots of unique adventure awaits you as you embark on your day trip with us through the super secret hidden areas near to Vik Iceland. That said, it’s important to be prepared with the basics such as the following:

1.) Rainproof (not just a water repellent) coat and pants that will also uphold to the crazy Icelandic winds. This is very important between Mid March-November. Between December and March it’s best to bring waterproof snow gear. Side Note: If for sure rains more year round here than snow (from sideways rain with wind to a constant drizzle).

2.) A hat / Balaclava / scarf

3.) Gloves (waterproof)

4.) Waterproof hiking boots (past the ankles is best)

5.) A “Go Bag” that has things you may want during the day to keep you happy and comfortable (I.E., a watch, extra gloves, extra socks, a fleece/wool sweatshirt, light snacks (granola bars), water bottle, extra cash in case you want to buy something at a bathroom stop, “Hot Hands” if you are not use to cold temperatures).

6.) Camera (and accessories if you wish IE, tripod, trigger, rain gear).

7.) Sunglasses

8.) Extra pair of boots/shoes of you are going to go glacier climbing or mountaineering with us.

9.) If on a private tour with us… Bring you favorite tunes! We may be able to play them from your phone, favorite disc or USB (please check at time of booking). So bring it to make the experience more personal!

10.) An open mind to LEARN! The secret areas our super jeep team takes you comes with some amazing folklore stories and stories on how the land has changed. We would love the opportunity to tell you!


With packing these basics you are surely setup for success to have an unforgettable Vik Iceland 4×4 Super Jeep Tour. We cannot wait to meet you and take you on an unforgettable journey through the pure side of Iceland!

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