From Northern lights displays to snowy landscapes, winter in Iceland offers a unique experience. The days on the Arctic island are short, but it has beautiful light. Sunrise and sunset last for a few hours creating a warm glow all over the city and it is ideal for photography. The weather is mostly unpredictable as it could be sunny and in a few minutes, the snow can surface.

Iceland is not also as cold as the name implies and has waterfalls, green landscape and hot springs.

What fun things can you experience while in this snowy paradise?


Aurora Borealis

In Iceland, you have a unique opportunity to see the northern lights. The Aurora borealis northern lights can be seen on a clear night which is free of fog or cloud which may cover the beautiful lights. If you go on a tour, your tour guide may be able to forecast when the lights will be visible since they know the weather more and can predict it using the Aurora forecast website. If you are unable to see the northern lights on the first trip, go back the next day, and you can see the most beautiful feature of this ice paradise.


Sport Activities

Even though there are no animals during winter because all the colorful birds migrate during this season. The whales cannot also be seen during this season, but other activities make up for this lack. Activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating can keep you active and occupied all through your stay.


Frozen Sand Beach and Glaciers

You can see the Vik black sand beach as it always looks like a fantasy land. The waterfalls are also frozen during winter and glaciers cover 10% of the Iceland. The water which runs through the caves freezes during winter and creates an amazing phenomenon which is called the Crystal Caves. The most famous glaciers for tours are the south and south-east of Iceland Mýrdalsjökull and Vatnajokull and also the South West Langjokull. The ice cave in Langjökull is man-made and are visited with planned tours on monster trucks which take tourists to the entrance of the glacier which is 1200 meters above the sea level. After entering the cave entrance, tourists can explore the tunnels, moulins or glacier mills, ice layers, and running water. But if you prefer a natural made ice cave it´s best to find a local guide in the south.


Tourists can journey to the world’s most beautiful wildernesses which closely resemble an ice age and is the inspiration for the nomenclature of the island. They can also see the captivating blue ice which is in the middle of the glacier.

The glaciers also serve as a venue for marriage ceremonies for tourists and can give the most incredible landscape for such ceremonies.

Iceland has great sights and is still in winter by March. This period is perfect for a vacation as the there are fewer tourists during this time, and the flights and accommodation are much cheaper.